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Dayton Progress Joins Misumi


The Japanese conglomerate Misumi, a manufacturing industry leader in factory automation, tool and die, machine tools and electronics, recently announced the decision to buy out Dayton Progress and their subsidiary, PCS Company . This move nicely complements their business model, as Dayton Progress’ line dovetails well with their current product offerings.

Manufacturing Jobs Require More Math Skills

cnc machining

Before the Industrial Revolution, there was no true manufacturing, as we know it today. What passed for manufacturing in those times is known today as “cottage industry.” Tradesman, who often spent years learning their trades, made things to fulfill customer's needs.

Implementing a 5S System as a Stepping Stone to Lean Manufacturing

Manufacturing Company

As global competition continues to heat up, the imperative to reduce costs wherever possible needs to be at the forefront of every manager’s mind. Companies which are not able to operate efficiently find their bottom line eroding, either through lost sales or being forced to reduce prices in order to remain competitive. Many major corporations have had to make deep cuts and major operational reorganization, just to be able to keep the doors open.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Metal Component Manufacturing

BYOD is becoming more and more common as employees have access to smartphones and tablets. The convenience and portability of these devices allows their owners to do a host of tasks, wherever they are. While many IT managers see this as a potential security risk to their company, the bottom line is that the use of these devices helps people to be more effective in their workday routine.

Why Tube Fabrication is a Great Design Idea

tube fabrication

The Circle

The circle, in all its forms, is structurally the strongest shape you can have. That’s why eggs are so strong. The egg is simply a circle in all directions, albeit one that is somewhat elongated. Ancient civil engineers used arches to build everything from aqueducts to cathedrals, depending upon the shape of the circle to provide them with the necessary strength to support their structures.

The Best CAD Software

cad software

Ever since personal computers reached the point where they could provide descent graphics, engineers have used them to create their drawings. Today, it is rare to find an engineer who still uses a drafting board and pencil to draw things out; pretty much everything is computerized. Why is that so? Why has CAD (computer aided drafting) taken the engineering world by storm? Is it simply that component engineers like anything technical, or is there a deeper reason? 

What's Different About Medical Device Manufacturing

medical device manufacturing

Made in the USA

While many people are bemoaning the shifting of manufacturing to the Pacific Rim, there are some categories of products that are still manufactured at home. Among these, medical manufacturing is a strong leader. In fact, the United States of America is still the world leader for medical device manufacturing; we export to the entire world.

How to Implement a Six Sigma Program for Quality Manufacturing


Six Sigma means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Although first started in the 1990s by Motorola, and remaining a registered trademark of theirs, it has become a generalized term that refers to a quality-centered management approach. As a management system, it is focused on increasing quality to the point of having only 3.4 defects per million opportunities. For you, it means sustaining high quality manufacturing in Connecticut.  

Component Engineers Battles Workplace Fatigue

component engineers

While it is common knowledge that fatigue affects productivity in the workplace, many companies try to pretend that the fatigue factor doesn’t exist. Efficiency and productivity expectations are the same throughout the day, whether in the office or on the factory floor. However, workers pass through periods of fatigue and sleepiness as the day progresses. 

Moving Beyond Tradeoffs in Manufacturing Operations

manufacturing operations

For most medical components manufacturing companies, everything is a series of tradeoffs. Quality and productivity become tradeoffs; profits and quality become tradeoffs; capital investment and profits become tradeoffs. Yet, for the top companies in any field, those tradeoffs aren’t as apparent. They seem to have developed a way of going beyond tradeoffs, and developing efficient operations that can overcome those tradeoffs.

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